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Το “Μια Καρδιά” μεταφράστηκε στο Αγγλικά και ταξιδεύει σε όλο τον κόσμο!

Posted on Μαρ 15, 2018

Το “Μια Καρδιά” από σήμερα διαθέσιμο στα Αγγλικά από το Amazon! Για τους Αγγλόφωνους ή δίγλωσσους φίλους μας βρείτε το βιβλίο εδώ: myBook.to/OneHeart
“One Heart” is a book dear to my heart, because of the impact it has on its readers. The comments I have received for this book are more than any other book I have written.

It is a book for mothers and daughters of all ages. The idea came from a letter I wrote to my daughter when she was only two years old. As the relationship between a mother and a daughter often goes through hell and high water at around about the time of adolescence, I wanted her to remember that, no matter what, I would always be there beside her, her guardian angel, her greatest supporter.

“One Heart” is dedicated to the long sequence of women who alternate in the role of mother and daughter. It is a book about everything we would like to say to our daughters and to our mothers but often put off for another time, a time that never comes…

Now available in English via Amazon: myBook.to/OneHeart

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