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“Yeti” reached yet another high!

Posted on Oct 8, 2021

I was just notified by my publisher in Greece, Dioptra Publications, that my latest book “Yeti, the power of yet”  is sold out (again) and is going for another reprint! I am happy to say that the 18th thousand copy of the book will soon be in all bookstores in Greece and Cyprus. The idea that as you read this,  thousands of children have it in their hands, are reading it and are learning the power of “yet” is just mind blowing! I think of the teachers and psychologists who use it to change the way children perceive mistakes, failures and challenges. I think of all the lives touched by our blue little Yeti and I can’t help but feel truly grateful for that noble creature that appeared one day in my imagination and made us all love it.  💙

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