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Twice Upon a Time: Cinderella

There are two sides to every story. Cinderella retold, both the way you know it and…the way you don’t!

Was the Prince as charming as he appeared? Does this fairy tale sound too much like a tall tale? Who was the Fairy Godmother and what part did she really play in the story? What happens after happily-ever-after? Having solved the mystery of Little Red Riding Hood in the first, bestselling, Twice Upon a Time, Tom Flibbertigibbet is back, determined to read between the lines of this classic fairy tale.

This is a book about the magic that is love, the strength of willpower, and chasing the impossible. Read it if you are a parent or teacher who wishes to teach your children to believe in themselves and to go after their own dreams, because the magic they need lies within them.

Age group: 5-9 year olds