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“It not a fairy tale but a real story. A chain reaction that talks about recycling, respect for nature and economy. These issues must be taught in schools.

Thansis Efthimiadis, Actor

“Thank you so much for this book! We read it and it is already in our hearts.”

Rania Thraskia, TV host – Journalist

“I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful tale. “Momentita” was an instant favourite. I work in a kindergarten, we read the story in our class and all my kids loved it! We have placed the book in our school’s library and every Friday is the first one our kids choose to take home. Congratulations!”

Aneta Mavridou, Kindergarten teacher

“Melina and I learn about our own uniqueness, the beauty of the journey to discover ourselves and the world, the value of the connection and security of our home, faith in ourselves and the flow of life, our strength, the importance of action and embracing change, the value of each and every moment. Yes, all from a child’s fairy tale, so crowded with beautiful messages for children and parents.”

Markella Machaira-Mc Castillo, mother and co-founder of the non-profit organization “one child-one world”