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One heart


The idea for this book came from a letter I wrote to my daughter when she was only two years old. Since the relationship between a mother and a daughter at around the time of adolescence often goes through hell and high water, I wanted her to remember that, no matter what, I would always be there beside her, her guardian angel, her greatest supporter.

Along the way, I realised that I was also speaking about my own mother and that I was finally acknowledging the fact that she had always been there by my side in my times of joy and sorrow and distress. I therefore dedicate this book to the long sequence of women who alternate in the role of mother and daughter. As the years go by, we realise how much strength we derive from our mothers, we understand that they have bequeathed to us values and habits that we had never appreciated and which, even more often, we had never acknowledged.

This is a book about everything we would like to say to our daughters and to our mothers, yet often put off for another time, a time that never comes…