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One Heart for you

Marina Gioti - One Heart for you
A book for fathers and daughters of all ages
Most daughters have a tremendous attachment to their fathers. It is love at first sight, a relationship that determines the way we respond to the opposite sex, a model that will haunt us our entire lives, and a measure of comparison for any man we meet along the way. We feel safe by our father’s side, and his absence can make us seek desperately for something that could fill up the emptiness he has left behind. The truth is that we will never get over our love for him, for all that we may not wish to admit it. As for our dads, they too have eyes for no other woman except us, unless it is our sister. Raised to keep their feelings to themselves, the words that are ultimately left unspoken create relationships that oscillate somewhere between over-protectiveness and unqualified adoration. This is a book to say everything we would like to say to the first, great love of our lives.