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Momentita is strong!

Η Στιγμούλα είναι δυνατή


Once upon a time the tiniest water droplet, Momentita, saw the strangest village from high above! It was dirty and dusty and all the children were sad. Not a drop of water had been seen at the village for a very long time. Momentita is determined to help the villagers smile again, but she will need help. In the process she will discover the strength that lies in each and every one of us and how that strength becomes even stronger when everyone is united.

A story about teamwork and the strength hiding in each and every one of us.

Age Group: 3-6 year olds

A note to parents… What happens when we do not respect nature? This is a universal question. How can we teach our children to respect water? The answer is through age-appropriate stories such as this where the characters become friends with our children, their adventures small feats that children can identify with.

Momentita returns stronger than ever with a new adventure to fuel our imagination and accompany us and our children in everyday life. Now older and wiser, our favourite water droplet continues her journey of life driven by a desire to discover the world. This time she is confronted by a waterless village where children are sad. Like most of us, the villagers have mistakenly taken for granted those everyday small pleasures without which life would be nearly impossible, like direct access to clean water…

Then comes the tiny water droplet and gives everyone hope. She believes in the goodness of human nature [giving] inhabitants another opportunity to respect and love what nature so generously offers. And she succeeds because she has the help of her sisters. All tiny “momentitas” united as a team succeed and bring joy to the whole village. The story also teaches us, then, and the power of unity.