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Twice Upon a Time: Has Anyone Seen Santa?

A fantastical adventure in the North Pole!

Published in Greece by Dioptra Publications in October 2018

Summary: There are two sides to every story. Santa’s story, both as you know it and…as you don’t! Intrepid detective Filbert Numbscull is determined to solve yet another mystery, perhaps the greatest mystery of our childhood. What is more, he must do it in a single night! It is the night before Christmas, and intrepid detective Filbert Numbscull refuses to let it pass without finding out the truth: what’s going on with Santa Claus? Does he exist, or not? Even if he does, flying reindeer
or not, how can one person give away gifts to every child on the planet on a single night? And how does he get down the chimney given his… rather ample proportions? Or, how about this: how does he know
who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?

Following the other successful books in her celebrated series Twice Upon a Time (Little Red Riding Hood, Little Thumb, and Cinderella), Marina Gioti embarks on an adventure at the very heart of Christmas. So, what do we say to our children when they ask us about Santa Claus?

Because not every word is cast in stone!

Age group: 5-9 year old