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Published in Greece in March 2014

Summary: Once upon a time the tiniest of dewdrops lived with her sisters in the ravine of a beautiful forest. Each dawn she would rise on the leaves of a tree and disappear with the sun’s earliest rays. Her day was so short it lasted but a moment. That’s why everyone called her Momentita. One such morning, Momentita woke up and could not find her sisters anywhere. She plucked up her courage and decided to go looking for them. That was the beginning of all her troubles!

A story about everyone’s uniqueness and the valuable journey to self-discovery.

Age Group: 3-6 year olds

A note to parents… “Momentita” is an educational fairy – tale, which focuses on how children perceive themselves within the sheltered family unit and how those perceptions begin to change once they start venturing out of the home and into the world, for example once they go to school.

When Momentita falls from the cloud, she feels that she will lose this security (of the family unit), but she doesn’t worry, because she knows she will eventually meet her sisters somewhere. Momentita’s story will give you the opportunity to have a lively discussion and interact with your child comparing Momentita’s adventure to the beginning of school life, or a new activity or a change in the child’s life.

You can talk about the difficulties and concerns people have every time they deal with the unknown. You can share your own stories with your child and describe them in a simple and clear way, using words that are age-appropriate. Enjoy!”

Sofia Antypa, Psychologists-Psychotherapist