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A few words about Marina Gioti

Born in 1975 in Athens, Greece, Marina studied Marketing and Fine Arts at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. followed by communication design at Pratt Institute in N.Y. In 2000, she became the youngest president of Sunny Sports Club in Athens and two years later founded her own marketing consulting firm, where she spent the next 16 years creating and promoting brands across Europe. She is the 1999 recipient of the John Peter’s Publication Award and Scholarship from the N.Y. Art Directors Club and a Bronze Pentaward for her work in packaging design. 


  • 2014: “Momentina”, Minoas Publications.
  • 2015: “Momentina is strong!”, Dioptra Publications
  • 2016: “Twice upon a time was Little Red Riding Hood”, Dioptra Publications. Best Seller in Greece
  • 2016: “Twice upon a time was Cinderella”, Dioptra Publications

In the past three years, she has given more than 150 book presentations to children aged between two and eight and been featured numerous times on Greek TV and Radio.


Twice Upon A Time- Cinderella

Summary: The second book of the series is based on the classic fairytale of Cinderella. This time, Tom Flibbertigibbet is questioning the idea of the perfect prince and discovers that magic exists in all of us, it’s called will power, and lives in our hearts from the day we were born.

Age group: 5-9 year olds


Twice Upon a Time – Little Red Riding Hood (2016)
(Best Seller in Greece)

Summary: There are two sides to every story. Little Red Riding Hood retold, both as you know it and…as you don’t! What really happened in the woods? Who was the mysterious Mr. Huntsman and how did he happen to be at the right place at the right time? Was the Big Bad Wolf really big and truly bad? Why was Little Red Riding Hood alone in the woods in the first place? Intrepid reporter Tom Flibbertigibbet is ready to read between the lines and uncover the truth behind this classic fairy tale. A story about the hidden racism in classic fairytales, school bullying and friendship, this book is an excellent choice for parents and teachers who wish to teach children to look beyond appearances and think critically.

Age group: 5-9 year old

Agents: Translated in English (pdf file) upon request.



Momentita is strong!


Once upon a time the tiniest water droplet, Momentita, saw the strangest village from high above! It was dirty and dusty and all the children were sad. Not a drop of water had been seen at the village for a very long time. Momentita is determined to help the villagers smile again, but she will need help. In the process she will discover the strength that lies in each and every one of us and how that strength becomes even stronger when everyone is united.

A story about teamwork and the strength hiding in each and every one of us.

Age Group: 3-6 year olds

A note to parents… What happens when we do not respect nature? This is a universal question. How can we teach our children to respect water? The answer is through age-appropriate stories such as this where the characters become friends with our children, their adventures small feats that children can identify with.

Momentita returns stronger than ever with a new adventure to fuel our imagination and accompany us and our children in everyday life. Now older and wiser, our favourite water droplet continues her journey of life driven by a desire to discover the world. This time she is confronted by a waterless village where children are sad. Like most of us, the villagers have mistakenly taken for granted those everyday small pleasures without which life would be nearly impossible, like direct access to clean water…

Then comes the tiny water droplet and gives everyone hope. She believes in the goodness of human nature [giving] inhabitants another opportunity to respect and love what nature so generously offers. And she succeeds because she has the help of her sisters. All tiny “momentitas” united as a team succeed and bring joy to the whole village. The story also teaches us, then, and the power of unity.





Once upon a time the tiniest of dewdrops lived with her sisters in the ravine of a beautiful forest. Each dawn she would rise on the leaves of a tree and disappear with the sun’s earliest rays. Her day was so short it lasted but a moment. That’s why everyone called her Momentita. One such morning, Momentita woke up and could not find her sisters anywhere. She plucked up her courage and decided to go looking for them. That was the beginning of all her troubles!

A story about everyone’s uniqueness and the valuable journey to self-discovery.

Age Group: 3-6 year olds

A note to parents… “Momentita” is an educational fairy – tale, which focuses on how children perceive themselves within the sheltered family unit and how those perceptions begin to change once they start venturing out of the home and into the world, for example once they go to school.

When Momentita falls from the cloud, she feels that she will lose this security (of the family unit), but she doesn’t worry, because she knows she will eventually meet her sisters somewhere. Momentita’s story will give you the opportunity to have a lively discussion and interact with your child comparing Momentita’s adventure to the beginning of school life, or a new activity or a change in the child’s life.

You can talk about the difficulties and concerns people have every time they deal with the unknown. You can share your own stories with your child and describe them in a simple and clear way, using words that are age-appropriate. Enjoy!”

Sofia Antypa, Psychologists-Psychotherapist


Book reviews

“It not a fairy tale but a real story. A chain reaction that talks about recycling, respect for nature and economy. These issues must be taught in schools.

Thanasis Efthimiadis, Actor

“Thank you so much for this book! We read it and it is already in our hearts.”

Rania Thraskia, TV host – Journalist

“I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful tale. “Momentita” was an instant favourite. I work in a kindergarten, we read the story in our class and all my kids loved it! We have placed the book in our school’s library and every Friday is the first one our kids choose to take home. Congratulations!”

Aneta Mavridou, Kindergarten teacher

“Melina and I learn about our own uniqueness, the beauty of the journey to discover ourselves and the world, the value of the connection and security of our home, faith in ourselves and the flow of life, our strength, the importance of action and embracing change, the value of each and every moment. Yes, all from a child’s fairy tale, so crowded with beautiful messages for children and parents.”

Markella Machaira-Mc Castillo, mother and co-founder of the non-profit organization “one child-one world”